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Advent Devotionals 2019 | Luke Five

Day 5 | Luke 5

And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men.” -Luke 5:10

Sharing the Gospel can be challenging. It isn’t always easy, and even as a pastor it still makes me nervous to talk with someone about Jesus. Questions flood my mind, “What will they think of me? Will I be able to address their questions? Their objections?” Yet, each time I take the risk I am strengthened in my faith, I am encouraged that I have joined in the mission of God.

As Jesus went throughout Galilee sharing the message of the Kingdom, he comes upon two groups of fishermen: Simon and Andrew and James and John. These men had worked tirelessly through the night, but had caught nothing, and were now cleaning their nets. When Jesus came, he told them to go out into the water again, to catch some fish. Despite their initial reluctance they listened and immediately, they caught more fish than they could possibly hold. Their nets nets began to break under the weight, and there partners were needed to help haul them all in. The fishermen knew a miracle had occurred, that something significant had happened, and that this Jesus, who was a teacher of God’s word, was more than a mere man. In that moment Jesus looks at them, and says to Simon, “Don’t be afraid, from now on you will be catching men.

When we encounter Jesus it is an amazing moment, I can recall when I first came to Jesus I was amazed, changed, and transformed. There was something captivating by the man from Galilee. He was mesmerizing, and when he called, I answered. Something was different and I knew my life was never going to be the same. Like Peter, Jesus looks at us and sees the Kingdom potential in each and everyone of us. He wants to equip us and use us to further the message of the Gospel, and this is not something we have to do in our own strength, because he tells us, “I will make you…” These are the most beautiful words of the Gospel. That Jesus is making you into an instrument and a vessel to further the good news of the Rule and Reign of God, for the purpose of us becoming fishers of men. Are you willing to be used?

God wants to use you to reach your friends, family and neighbors. Who is that one person you will be inviting to one of our Christmas Evening Services. Begin praying for that person by name, and email us who that individual is, so we can join you in praying for them with you.

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