Meet our Leaders

Bobby Nemeth | Lead Pastor

I was born and raised in New Jersey and didn’t grow up in a Christian home.  At the age of 18, through a turbulent series of events, I was invited to a Youth for Christ Rally and made the decision to follow Jesus.

Since then I have been captivated by the man from Galilee, and willing to follow him wherever he led me.

This began with going to the local Bible College, where I received a degree in Biblical Studies. Followed by going across the world to Khartoum, Sudan where I spent a summer teaching in a Bible College. Since then I have been serving in various capacities in the local church. That is when I came in contact with Canby Evangelical Church.  I heard the call of God, and Christina and I moved literally across the country to serve this community.


God has taken my passion for Him and empowered me to be a communicator of the love and light of Jesus both here and abroad.


When I am not pastoring or nerding out on Biblical Studies I enjoy spending time with Christina.  That usually involves going on some adventure, as she likes to call them. As the primary cook in our home I have a passion for food, and love to experiment with different cuisines, and going out to eat from time to time.  But when I really need to relieve some stress I go to the gym, where I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


If you have any questions about following Jesus or about our church I would love the opportunity to connect with you.

Merry Doty | Children's Director

Hi, I’m Merry, the children’s director. I have known the Lord for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the church and, at home, it seemed like God was in every corner of my house. Early on, I started working with children at my church and God gave me an ever growing passion to see them learn to love Him as I do. I so enjoy the innocence and energy that children share with the world and I hope I can show others the blessing it is to work with these little humans.


My life is filled with children (nieces, nephews, daycare, babysitting, camp, church!) but, believe it or not, there are times I break away from their sweet, and sometimes exhausting, company. In such times, I like photographing God’s world and writing about the way I see it. I take pleasure in just watching it whirl around me sometimes. And I love to sing and dance and sometimes throw my arms out and run freely along the shoreline (before my lungs give way and I am obliged to collapse). While I will do these things without children, my philosophy is “it’s always better with kids.”


I am always looking for little adventures and those are never hard to find when you work with children. I love people (even the adult sort) and I’m always willing to find a new friend. If you ever want a little adventure, young or old, I’m your girl.

Christina Nemeth | Administrative Assistant

Hello! I am Christina and I’m the Administrative Assistant (or as I like to refer to myself the Office Manager) here at Canby Evangelical Church. I enjoy using the skills and gifts I have to assist (help) others.

I am passionate about Jesus and people.

When I am not working I like to take adventures, raise awareness about ending human trafficking, be captivated by stories in books or films, empower women around the world as a compassionate entrepreneur with Trades of Hope and crafting (mostly cardmaking).

I should also probably say that up until 2018 I was a Jersey girl.

Last year Bobby (the Lead Pastor also known as my husband) and I journeyed across the country from coast to coast. We had the amazing oportunity to visit many places as we traveled the Oregon Trail to come and live in the Pacific Northwest.

I would love to get know you or share more of my story if you are interested...

let's connect by email or over some coffee or tea.

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