Meet our Leaders

Dr. Bill Vermillion | Interim Pastor

Diana and I are privileged to be able to serve

in this interim role at Canby Evangelical Church.

Our goal is to help each attender and member of CEC

to be fully devoted followers of Jesus

who are established on a firm foundation of Jesus and the Scriptures.

With God’s help and guidance, we hope to do this through an emphasis

on prayer, inductive biblical teaching and preaching and visitation.

We currently serve as Missionaries with One Mission Society

where we are stationed stateside and via short trips, zoom and emails

work with 36 bible schools and seminaries scattered around the world.

We have been in that role since 2009.

As God does with us all nothing is wasted in His economy.

So, Diana’s experience as an RN working in clinic,

doing foot care, serving orphans and the elderly

have given her a heart of compassion and a deep burden for prayer.

My military experience including a stint in Vietnam

caused me to see people and cultures from God’s perspective.

Then my seminary and university education

equipped me to serve in a seminary and as a pastor.

I bring a shepherd’s heart to visit, care and help people grow in Jesus.

We invite you to get better acquainted with us and especially with our Lord!

Debra Doty | Worship Leader

I'm Debra Doty

I can truthfully say that being  a member of the worship team is one of my very favorite things. Working with music and helping others have opportunity to praise God together is a privilege and a joy. I have been a part of the team for almost 10 years now as a pianist and, just recently, as the leader.


I get to worship God all week long in song as I practice and think about the songs we will sing together on Sunday. That is a big boost to my own relationship with God and helps me prepare for a song service that is, hopefully, both glorifying to God and encouraging to the church. 

My husband, Jonathan, and I have 10 amazing children. I am continually active with all of them, but especially my two youngest, Charity and Ezekiel, whom I homeschool. Most of the older kids live close by. Five are married, and we have 11 grandkids. Needless to say, there is always some activity going on in our household and extended family. And, thankfully, many of my children are also musically inclined and are helpful on the music team. What could be better? 

There is always room for more musicians, singers, and tech people on the team, and it's a great way to get to know people, as well as to be encouraged and uplifted. I'd love to hear from you if you want to get connected.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Merry Doty | Children's Director/Secretary

Hi, I'm Merry Doty! I am the Secretary and Children's Director at CEC. When I am not doing that, I work in Early Childhood Development as a daycare provider. My life's calling is in children's ministry and I've been doing that since I was young. I am surrounded by children in a lot of areas of my life, some of those being my nieces and nephews. There is nothing I find more fulfilling than working with kids.

I also work as the secretary here, which I quite enjoy because I like design, communication, and a good stack of sticky notes (just know that if I didn't write something down on one of those sticky notes, I probably don't remember it). 

I'm pretty busy a lot of the time but my perfect nights off consist of messing around with my ukulele, playing with my bunny, running with a friend, and, in all likelihood, eating something quite unhealthy and re-watching my favorite t.v. show. 

I'd love to connect and hear about you!