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CEC Kids

Fun  Activities       |       Nurturing Faith       |       Centered on Scripture

Bible stories and fun activities are provided with care
for children during worship time

Here at CEC we want your kids to love God's Word!

We share classic Bible stories  with children - demonstrating how the Word is practical and relevant to everyday life.

*Kids stay in the adult service for the first two songs and then are dismissed for CEC Kids time.


We believe kids

are important!

Your children will have a time of worship and learning in age appropriate ways.


We provide a safe and caring environment!

All staff receive background checks before working with youth.


We believe
in having fun!
Your children will learn Bible stories and life lessons with games, songs, crafts, and other fun activities...

CEC Kids - Serving Neighbors: 

Give Water to the Thirsty

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How do we love our neighbors (4)_edited.
How do we love our neighbors.jpg
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