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Advent Devotional 2019 | Luke 23

Day 23 | Luke 23

So Pilate asked Him, saying, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And He answered him and said, “It is as you say.” (Luke 23:3)

Everyone missed it. The Disciples missed it. The Pharisees missed it. The Crowds missed it. No one understood who Jesus was, even when he said, “I am the Son of Man.” Even when he told them that he was going to die and suffer under the hands of the Romans. Even when he did all the things that were promised in the Scriptures, they missed it. It is so easy for us to miss what is right in front of us when we are looking for the wrong thing.

The accusation against Jesus was that he was King of the Jews, meaning he is was counterfeit, a revolutionary. Rome had one response for these types of people, crucifixion, and when Jesus says that he is a King, he is telling them to kill him. The climax of the revelation of Jesus as King comes on the cross. This is his coronation, with shouts of crucify him, crowned with thorns, and lifted high above all people’s, Jesus is revealed as the Crucified King.

Of all the ways I would have chosen to reveal that Jesus was the King of the Jews to the world, and the fulfillment of the promises made to David, this would not have been it. But God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. For us, who chose to believe in Jesus, this is the moment we have been waiting for because this is where the story was headed all along. When Jesus would pour out his blood for the forgiveness of our sins.

As the holiday season is reaching its climax it is so easy for us to get distracted and miss Jesus from all the presents, decorations and last minute plans. In this season, make sure that you take a moment to make sure you are making it about Jesus, and how he revealed himself to us.

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