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Advent Devotional 2019 | Luke 20

“Beware of the scribes…” (Luke 20:46 NASB)

The pharisees and scribes had an agenda when they talked to Jesus, and it wasn’t usually very noble. On many occasions, they asked eloquent and relevant questions, and from many of these we get beautiful answers from Jesus. However, even as readers, we are not given to warm fuzzy feelings over these conversations. Instead, we feel a sense of victory, as Jesus is wiser every single time, because we know that they are only out to trick Jesus and find fault, not enlightenment. What should have been humble learning for them became public shame and anger.

How often are we like that? There is so much to know about God, that it is pretty safe to say: we don’t know it all. Do we accept that? Do we learn from the godly people around us? Or do we spend our time in Bible study trying to support our own theories and defend our own views? When we disagree with someone do we assume they are wrong every time? How prideful are we?! We are reminded in Hebrews 13 that some have entertained angels without knowing it. If we found ourselves in that position would we argue even with angels because of our need to be right? Would we argue with Jesus?

Let us hold firmly to our faith in Jesus and not become distracted with our own righteousness. Beware of the scribes and beware of becoming like them.

Pray today for the humility to be able to learn from others, even in your disagreements.

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