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Advent Devotionals 2019 | Luke 12

Day 12 | Luke 12

Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.

(Luke 12:32 NASB)

Sometimes we hold back our full potential or allow for a little worrying in our lives, because of how we’ve been hurt or the times we were rejected. We put up defenses in our hearts to protect ourselves. But that is not the way God instructs us to be.

Look at His own giving nature. It says He gladly gives us (His flock) the kingdom. We are not qualified for, nor are we deserving of this gift and responsibility. Yet He invites us, unreservedly, to take it. He knows we will fail Him. He knows we will hurt Him. All of this, and He still gives us His generous gift: the kingdom.

In contrast, here we are holding onto our worries about clothing and food. We worry and bow to our fears and it takes up all of our energy. We don’t have anything left to give to Him because, in our attempt to protect ourselves, we have used it all on ourselves and our worries.

But if we would give this burden over to the Lord, then our energy and passion (our treasure) would become invested in other things, eternal things. And then we will find that our hearts are more like our Father’s “choosing gladly to give.”

Instead of worrying, how can you give generously today? How can you relinquish your fears to God and let Him help redirect your focus to eternal things?

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