The Book of Psalms

There is no better place in Scripture to learn

the vocabulary of prayer than in the book of Psalms.

God’s people have used psalms as a guide for worship and prayer

since before the time of Christ.

The range of emotions found in the Psalms

helps us find words to express ourselves to God in every circumstance.

Growing Together

Ask a friend or family member to take a journey through the Psalms with you

to learn and grow together.

Enjoy going through this three-week study together,

where you will read and pray through a selection of fifteen psalms,

focusing on a unique topic each day.

Dive Deeper

Read through the rest of Psalms.

Here are some Questions to ask along your journey:

1. What stood out to you?

2. Was there anything that surprised you?

3. How were you challenged by your reading?

4. Who wrote this Psalm? And what was happening when it was written?

5. What kind of poem is this? A Lament or of Praise?

6. How can you pray through the Psalm your read today?

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