Projecto Manuelito

Projecto Manuelito, located in Talanga, Honduras, is a home to 40 homeless or unwanted children, and also a school for local poverty stricken youth. 

It started out as a facility that housed children who once lived on the streets.  Some were true orphans, others may have had a family who were not able to care for them.  One by one they were invited to live at Projecto Manuelito, which now houses 20 girls and 20 boys. 


At this facility they get meals, education, a safe place to stay, and become a part of a family.   At the Project, there is also a school for the local children.  School was held in an old, existing storage building. 

It was crowded and very noisy, but they made it work.  With funding, they have been able to build a new school building, and are working on a second building. 


Over 100 local children are benefiting from this school.  Many would not get any education if it were not for Projecto Manuelito.  The school children also receive a meal, which for some is their main food source.  The children are eager to go to school, and despite their poverty, are very happy.  They play, laugh, eat, and most importantly learn at the Project.