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Advent Devotional 2019 | Luke 19

Day 19 | Luke 19

He was trying to see who Jesus was, but he was not able because of the crowd, since he was a short man. So running ahead, he climbed up a sycamore tree to see Jesus, since He was about to pass that way. (Luke 19:3-4)

As someone who is on the shorter side I understand having to put in a little extra work to accomplish a goal, like getting a glass out of the cabinet for a drink of water. It sounds like such a simple task, to get a glass of water; but if it is the last glass all the way in the back I have to get a chair or climb on the counter or jump and try not to break anything in order to quench my thirst.

I am encouraged by this ‘short’ story about Zacchaeus. His desire to see Jesus is inspiring. He did not let the obstacles around him or circumstances of his life prevent him from trying to see Jesus. He climbed a tree to see Jesus, the one who can truly quench our inner thirst and bring us joy. Not only does Zacchaeus get to see Jesus but he is seen by Jesus who invites him to come and be with Him, to fellowship together. Jesus sees us where we are no matter if we are in a tree or among the crowd. He sees us because He is looking for us and desires to have fellowship with us.

Jesus is looking for you and inviting you to fellowship with Him. He wants you to know the joy that Zacchaeus did when Jesus saw him and spoke to him. When Jesus calls your name will you answer Him?

Ask God to refill your joy today.

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