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Updated 09.01.21

As Covid 19 Persists . . .

Care for your physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing

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Need Help? Refer to this site for resources to meet physical needs that may arise, including tips for those who quarantine.

Stay Connected! Meet regularly with our faith community - either online or in person - to share life-giving, encouraging words of hope to one another!

Exercise your faith-walk

We choose love over fear.

Perfect love drives out fear.
We believe in prayer.
We are praying for those who have already been affected, their families, caregivers.
We are also praying for the medical professionals working tirelessly to respond and our government charged with making many decision on our behalf.

We walk by and keep the faith.
Remember our trust is in the Lord our Healer!

We exercise wisdom.
We read the news and listen to the council of health and governmental leaders. We want to be safe and prepared so we can continue to represent Jesus and share the gospel with compassion and care.

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Stay current on Covid updates
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