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Rediscover the Hope, Peace, Love & Joy of Christmas

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Sundays: 11:00am

Sundays: 11:00am

#REALCHRISTMAS - Celebrating the Holidays with Family and Friends

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The holidays are a time

of hope and joy, and this year we need a little extra of both! But 2020 seems to keep putting obstacles in our way of celebrating. 

Don't let this year steal your excitement, be intentional about

building memories and finding Christmas together.

So this Christmas we

want to help you find some joy and put a little hope in your holiday. 

Let's celebrate together with a Holiday Scavenger Hunt. 

Here are some ways you can celebrate the season from the comfort of your home or safely around town. Invite your family and friends to go on the journey of finding Christmas in 2020 together with you.


Finding Hope - Finding Peace - Finding Joy - Finding Love - Finding CHRISTmas

Going Deeper

Reading the Story of Jesus at Christmas according to Matthew

Advent Readings

This Advent, Lord,

come to the manger of my heart.
Fill me with Your presence

from the very start.


Going deeper and finding 

peace, hope, joy, and love

this Christmas Season

Discovering Advent

Family Fun

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